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My favorite place is the college I went to 

more than the high school I used to go before

adore the little town I used to live in, 

all of a sudden you appear just turn my life around change who I am today 

seen your adorable cute smile and hear the sound of your English.

Why am I blushing light pink?

Nobody knows I love this California boy 

when you’re free going, to places holding my hand, you love to see me happy want make me smile bright. 

Why my heart is beating heavily? 

Sweetie, I had been holding it for so long 

I feel the same way as you the whole time 

since we first met, always hang out with you 

was my favorite part. 

Why I keep on smiling at you all the time? 

There nobody knew I love this California boy 

the more you share with me I would love you, even more, it’s my turn to give you my pure heart to you. 

Why do I keep thinking about you all the time? 

You’re everywhere inside me 

I feel your warmth of love within me 

you are the one for me, I love your characteristic of a gentleman. 

Wouldn’t I keep my cool? 

My face getting warmer like a sun 

whatever I was with you 

your gorgeous good looks, the way you walk

my heart-shaped eyes pop out. 

Why am I attracted by you? 

Few days without texting you 

make me feel down in the dumps

I know I have to be patient, 

I try my best 

I just couldn’t take you off my mind 

I love you so much. 


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    Apr 28, 2020

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