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As a Shopify developer in South Florida, you're always on the hunt for new leads. You want to find clients that you can create a working relationship with, and keep that work coming in. There's better ways than others of pitching your services to new clients, so what works? Here are some expert tips that will help you get ahead. 

Write And Perfect Your Proposals

Some web developers aren't well versed in writing proposals, but it's something you need to practice at and use when approaching clients. It's the professional way to get ahead and show a potential client that you're the developer for the job. It's also important to know how to do it, as there are sites that help you find clients that are soliciting proposals. If you can put together an excellent proposal and send it to them, then you're well ahead of the pack.

Develop Cold Pitching Skills

As the saying goes, you don't know if you don't ask. Rather than waiting for the clients to come to you, you can go looking for them instead. This doesn't mean that you need to cold call them, and in fact this probably wouldn't go down too well. Instead, look into emailing potential clients about your Shopify development company in South Florida. The key to emails is to be personal and friendly, and of course do your research. If you are too formal or too impersonal, your email could very well be dismissed as spam. Address the reader by name, and introduce yourself. Who are you, and what do you specialise in? Then, talk about your web development skills could help them bring in more business. You can also cold pitch in person, which is a good skill when you're networking. If you're doing this, you need to keep it short and snappy. You don't want your potential client to feel as though you've been taking up their time. Develop your elevator pitch, where you introduce yourself, explain what it is you do, explain what makes you unique, and engage your potential client with a question. When you've got that down, you can put yourself forward quickly, and show that client what you can do.

Referrals And Testimonials

Another great way to pitch a new website to a client is through a referral. If you're working with a client and they love what you do, then you'll want them to talk to other businesses and tell them what you can do. This is perfect for you, as when a new client is referred to you you're already winning. The first client has told the potential client about what you can do, and so they already know that you're good at developing the perfect website. If you want to go this route, you'll need to choose the right client to refer you on. Are they happy with what you're doing? Are they a repeat customer? If so, you'll need to ask them at the right time. Right at the end of a project they're happy with, or when you've just started a new project for them, are great times to ask for those referrals. You can also ask your clients to leave you testimonials. These are great as they can be left directly on your website, where any new potential client can see them. If they're shopping around for Shopify website development services in South Florida, they'll be able to see that you have lots of other clients who are happy with the work that you do. If you really want to get that referral, you can implement referral incentives. These can be anything, such as 10% off their next order if they refer you to someone else who orders from you. This works well, as lots of people love a bargain, but remember that they may not think about who they refer you on to. It doesn't mean that you'll get the best client, but it does work well if you're fairly new to the business.

Focus On Your Inbound Marketing

When you're working on a website for a client, you're looking to improve their inbound marketing. Why don't you look at doing the same for your own website? There will be plenty of potential clients on Google, looking for developers in your area. You want to ensure that you're reaching the top of the search rankings. First of all, look at your SEO. The more you're tweaking and optimizing it, the more customers you're going to get coming by your site. It's a very good idea to start a blog, if you haven't already. Try writing about topics that your clients are interested in, such as how to bring more readers to your website, or how to find the right stock images to illustrate the site. These will bring in interest, and then lead them to think about using your skills. When you do this, be aware of what your niche is. You may have experience in web development for a certain industry, such as manufacturing. What is it that clients in this sector need from a website? Ensure you're addressing this on your site and on your blogs. With these tips you'll be able to properly pitch the perfect website to your prospective clients, and encourage them to work with you. Soon, you'll see that your business is thriving. Learn how to pitch and look for business, and you'll be successful in no time.


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