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I know when you first saw the title of this post, it struck a chord in you. You may be asking, pastor are you for real? Oh yes! I'm for real my dear. I have known over time that the reasons why we have problems in most marriages and relationships is because we have in one time or the other chosen to ignore or not talk about vital matters that would have armed us for the realities of marriage and relationship.

Now let us visit the meat of this post. Every woman needs a man and needs a man that will be patient all the way. You can never find a perfect woman, you can only build a perfect woman. This implies that you have the responsibility to build a perfect woman for yourself.

Sometimes she will do want you don't like, just know that you can't change her overnight  but if you paint her picture right, you can change her with time. Do you know why? It is because every woman needs love and every man needs to be patient. You need to know that understanding is the key to her world.

My brother, you need to find her soft spot and make it softer, and if you know her weakness never use it against her because in her weakness she means no harm to you, all she wants is your time and you. So when she nags and halla, just take it like that, she didn't actually meant what you see even when she is angry and wants to go, don't let her pack that's a woman for you.

One thing you ought know about a woman is that sometimes she will be stubborn. In such times just be a man and try to understand she is a woman and that a woman will always be a woman.

In a woman's drama or trauma, she could be frustrating, irritating and agitating. Just pet her and tell her sweet things. Try to understand her for she want to know if you truly care to know how she feels. So, watch the words you say to her, be a lover and not a fighter. When she is fire be her water that won't make you less than a man. If want to win her heart, just be an understanding man.

There is no perfect woman out there. A woman will always be a woman but you can find one and build her to be perfect. Do not expect too much from her even if she is well educated and exposed to civilized environment, remember she is not perfect. Take responsibility to build your woman, make long term investment in her, paint her picture right and bring out the best in her.  Every woman needs a man who will love them, and every man needs to be patient.

God bless our women. They are great people if we treat them greatly


  • Apr 28, 2020

  • 👌👏I totally agree with what you said.Keep the writing going.

    Apr 28, 2020

  • Apr 28, 2020

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