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Evidenced by too many.. too many times.
The novel plot, only recently, opened slight.
Sight foggy and the lids stuck together still
A mucus film had formed into this.. shield.

Field of view not even preschool level child
The ears are quite acute, as you may know.
However the most intense sense isn't smell
Rather, the inability to prophesy accurately.

I feel the energies and environmental shifts.
My gift up to this point.. more of a deficiet.
Not being able to pin point the problems
Which.. are coming.. & not knowing when.

Trends have been analyzed in great degree
The potential results almost always.. well..
To most other people.

To me..
The product resulting from testing repeated
In essence.  
Far from an impossibility.

Still confusing methodology and meta physiological anomalies.. many others too.

What is certain.
To me.

There definitely without doubt..
Is a You.

Me too?



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