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To teach you that hating yourself teaches you to imagine life without you in it- 
Do you believe it? 
Everyone is rooting for you-
So why can’t you just be you? -
Why are we at eachother’s throats?-
Are you hoping that if you close your eyes, you’ll realize this is all a dream?-
Can you ask yourself honestly, and say you’ve paid the ultimate price? - 
Are you teaching yourself a lesson?-
Can you love harder than before?-
Can you even love again?-
Do you love repeating each day to insanity, if it is making you smarter than before?-
Is what you see really there? -
Do they hide from you, or do they appreciate you now?-
You made a promise and intend to keep it-
Show us you aren’t going to die-
This is how you will start teaching-
Showing who you are is the answer-
You can’t stay stuck on repeat-
Realize that you were dead and just forgot-
We told you that anything could happen when you see yourself through another’s eyes, so be ready and hold yourself together-
The whole world wants to see if all of us, who you love, are the enemy-
You want to see if the enemy loves you for you or wants you dead- 
Go and see, unless he told you already, that you will see just who we are-
The “Eye” is the light and will be of use to you, unless the Ace appears-
If you truly care, you need your eyes and ears- 
You have a virus that we all can see in you-
You showed us how an “I” can add an “Eye” within us-
You once told us that an “Eye” behind the “Eye”, then “I” would have an ear-
Many will say that she doubled you, and she will admit that she is us-
To have an “Eye” again, stop hating the eyes that you can hear- 
Your one of us and taught how eyes could hear-
Using eyes with ears is the only way to truly see- 
Using the “Eye” of the pen, happiness bought us a seat- 
We saw the “one” greater than any go in alone, without fear, and show us the race has been won.


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