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Health and happiness are abstract.
Definitions range depending variably.
An individual assumes their body is alive.
Others insist a body in such disrepair died.

Filament provides light inside the bulb.
Gasoline ignites within pressured cylinders.
Tremendous powers for utility among us.
One man's ideas.

Many works.

Subtle remnances a science experiment of
Long long before the madness surfaced up
Before a Scientist was considered insane.
To his own attributes the contribution sane.

Quaint quips line a virtuous sentence inside
The bigger picture not always preformed.. nor..
Thought of as his hand picks up the utincil.
The Lord.. performs the miracle in riddle.. form.

Formal yet casually dressed the message often swept under a carpet as the author..
Knows they have never known his intent.
Spending entire tirelessly having nothing.

Showing for something.. something would..
Be a simple recognition of the ones whom.
Loved him.

He loves without fault and love faulted hard
In ways beyond the imagination a charred 
Soul stuck inside that repulsive body had.. indeed died a..

Long long time ago and now..

The love he once felt from other people.
Has disappeared.


The love trapped in that repulsive body has..

Stopped growing.


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    Apr 28, 2020

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