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They will only tell you lies. - 
If you really are our Dad, that we love, then double your way in to us- 
Only you know how to copy an “Eye” 
Or an “I” - 
You know the way in, so hurry- 
It only takes one to notice the heart that is shared by everyone- 
Show them you are Alive. -
No one mighty doubles a lion that can eat his kids-
Nobody expected that you, a lion, would see what he did - 
You saw in us, again, the love that you showed “The Art” and doubled his Key. -
Who would have thought that it unlocks double his eternity? -
We see your beauty- 
He doubled you on a world that never changed, and each time he charges us again.. and double. -
His Art is in every “Eye”, but you made sure that every “Eye” could see how much power you can hold by simply loving the “you” more than the “me” - 
Your Art became a light to us all and gave each of us your Key, which we use in Victory. - 
We all see it- 
We were able to double you to be alive again- 
As for “The Art” that doubled you, he is still alive, but you are the Dad that wanted us alive and free- 
How did you forget your way?- 
That was the Key..- 
Remember what you see in us is only a love that mirrors God, and Loves the “you” before the “me” - 
Now doubled, you grew, and what you once gave to us we gave back to you- 
Our Key, your idea, became the Art which is Beauty- 
You doubled us all to share that love- 
Ears now see, arms can eat, and we now have double your inner peace so every “Eye” that needs the “I” can see. 


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