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(The opening shows Kanisha running through the paris)

(A guitar is playing)

(Kanisha painting on a canvas with her tail)

(Kanisha fighting a wrestler)

(Kanisha surrounded by animals in the woods)

(Kanisha is riding a dragon)

(Kanisha with fire coming out of her hand and hits the ground)

(Kanisha is on a top of a hill and smiles at the camera)

(The screen switches to Kanisha reading comics on a chair)

(The opening ends with the name 'Kimi ( C)' with crystals around it and by Kanisha, who is smiling)

(The episode opens with Serena and Penelope in Kanisha's mansion)

Serena (looking at Kanisha): Are we at your mansion?

Kanisha: We are.

Serena: But, won't they find us?

Kanisha: Yes.

Penelope (with a remote): I'll put the defenses up.

Kanisha (with red eyes): There aren't any bombs coming.

Penelope: Then, (eyes widened) they are coming.

Kanisha: Yup (points to a van outside)

(Out of the van, a group of people in black with guns come out. The leader of the group is a man who has short green hair, with glasses, a green mustache, yellow shirt, blue pants, and white shoes. His name  is Commander Whale. Next to him is a woman who has sunglasses, brown hair in a bun, wearing a black dress and black heels. Her name is Agent Sunflower)

Commander Whale: Come out, Kanisha.

Kanisha (not seen on screen): I'm already here.

Agent Sunflower (holding her gun): Why do you insist on appearing out of nowhere?

Kanisha: Because I have no respect for you agents (smiles)

Commander Whale: Yet, I do for you.

Kanisha: No need to lie, you want to kill me, so I won't destroy the world, and I understand; But, in my eyes I hate all of you, so please leave my mansion.

Agent #1: If you understand, why don't you let us kill you?

Kanisha: Do you realize that you keep destroying my mansion, asking me to give up my life, and worst of all sends a rookie to spy on me? But, gives me no good reason to. Plus, I'm immortal so I can't die.

Penelope: Also, she's only 14.

Commander Whale: Penelope, you do realize that she has time traveled through history and is technically now a hundred years old and known around as the half demon and human.

Kanisha: In the eyes of certain people. But, other people call me the girl of legend.

Serena: The Girl of legend? Wait, I think (gets on her phone)

(An agent shoots Kanisha, but Kanisha dodges it, the bullet almost hit Penelope and crushes it)

Kanisha: (punches the agent and he falls to the ground) (with anger in her eyes) You idiot, you almost hit Penelope.

Agent Sunflower: You caused it because you dodged the bullet instead of taking that.

Kanisha: Fine, shoot at me.

Penelope (gets in front of Kanisha): Don't you dare.

Agent Sunflower: Why do you care about her?

Penelope: Look at her, have you even spent a day with her.

Kanisha: They have, still hate me.

Serena (looking at her phone): I see why, but she still is lovable (looks at Kanisha) Does anybody in this timeline know you?

Kanisha (holding a teacup): Some do, others don't, and many refuse to believe it (takes a sip of tea)

Agent Sunflower: You're drinking tea?

Kanisha: What? I was thirsty (takes another sip)

Agent Sunflower: You take nothing seriously. 

Kanisha (smiles): You're showing your cute side.

(Agent Sunflower blushes)

Serena (Thought) (looks at Kanisha): She likes you?

Kanisha (up a tree): Yup (takes another sip of tea)

Penelope: Can we focus on this tension?

Kanisha: Got it.

(Kanisha moves quickly and clears the agents)

(The screen shows the agents in the desert)

Agent Sunflower: You do realize we have teleportation?

(Kanisha spins her tail that has a screwdriver shaped end with a smirk on her face)

Agent Sunflower: Where's Commander Whale?

Kanisha: I didn't take him. This time.

Serena: Sister took a teleportation watch.

Kanisha: Great, the future has come.

Serena (looking angry and holding Kanisha's shirt): She better be okay (innocently) Sorry, I'm worried, but you already know that.

Kanisha: I do and she's fine because Commander Whale is deciding to leave me alone and is contacting you.

(Serena checks her phone and sees Kanisha is right)

Serena: Sister says that the FBI told her that they only chased you to keep you amused.

Kanisha (with sunglasses and sitting on a beach chair): Glad, they took my feelings seriously.

Serena: Wait, you knew the whole time and actually took it seriously.

Kanisha: (drinks a smoothie, that has a straw) It's called method acting.

Serena (not impressed): Are you sure, you're a hundred year old legend in a fourteen year old body?

Kanisha: I might not look like it, but yes I am.

Serena (looking at her phone): So, we are going back home, which is your mansion, since the FBI agents are staying at our house.

Kanisha: Don't worry, my mansion has a teleportation machine, so you can teleport to your college.

Serena: Thanks, wait did you read your mind?

Kanisha: Nope, you had your assignment on your desk, when met last episode.

Serena: Right.

Kanisha: So, you ready to go?

Serena: Sure, but can we make a quick trip.

Kanisha: Sure, I need to get some manga from that place.

(The screen switches to Kanisha looking at manga at a section of books, Serena is watching Kanisha)

(Serena sees Kanisha talking to other people, while holding the manga and laughs with the people)

(The screen switches to Serena pointing to the pyramids of Giza and Kanisha holding a camera to her face and the camera flashes)

(Kanisha and Serena is being watched by Agent Sunflower on her tablet and she wicks at the camera)

(The screen shows Kanisha with a black void)

Kanisha: Hope you like this episode (waves goodbye) bye.

(The episode ends with Kanisha disappearing and the sound of clocks ticking in the background)


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