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It's 4 am in the morning and I am awoken by the vacuum. I get up and ask my mom if she could do that after we wake up. She yells at me telling me this was her home and I'm just renting a room. I walk off. We continue to argue, that's when she said something that angered me so much I blacked out. I came to when I heard stomping down the hall and to my shock I was choking the life out of my mom. I looked into her eyes and saw death in them and I let go and back off. I go to my room, she follows me and continue's to yell at me. At one point she told me "Why don't you just kill yourself, your always threatening to do it anyway" that is when I grabbed the bottle of pills and put a handful in my mouth. She kept yelling, but I just ignored her, wishing she'd go away so I could spit the pills out, cause they was nasty. Finally, she's gone and I can finally spit these pills out of my mouth. Oops too late, some melted in my mouth and I accidentally overdosed myself. I remember coming in and out of consciousness as my mom did all she could to save me. 911 is called and last thing I remember is my mom telling them to be careful I had a hip replacement just as they dropped me on the floor. At the hospital I knocked out two nurses who tried putting IV's in my arm and a doctor.. I kind of remember this but thought I was dreaming. I awoke 4 days later in ICU after God let me come back on the promise to never try to kill myself again and I've kept that promise to this day.


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