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Like many others, I began the journey
Through life confidently.
I believed that bad things
In my way would not happen.

But I didn't always know what to choose,
And I was disappointed many times.
I thought people would stay forever,
But today most of them are just strangers.

From some I managed to say Goodbye
In a good way, but from others,
I didn't even want to turn my head,
To say the last farewell.

Like many, I had many dreams
When I was a teenager, but when I grew up,
I realize that not all dreams can be fulfill.

But when a dream dies,
It dies with the best part of yourself.
  I had days when I was silent,
Tired and could not find the right way.

But I continued, because no matter
How hard it is, life is worth living.
Like many, life changed me a lot,
But I always remember about the childhood.

I was small and vulnerable, at the beginning,
I didn't know how many things
Were waiting to happen quickly,
Making me stronger now.


  • Apr 28, 2020

  • Nice poem.

    Apr 28, 2020

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