Walking Around Hell Read Count : 16

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
It's dark, and I can barely see where I am being pulled to. I'm beneath earth, sneaking around caverns. There are doors, as I pass them I see faces of the damned each one begging me to set them free and save them. I hear screams from afar and I again move towards the screams. As I come around the corner I see someone go to a cistern and fill there jug up. After they leave, I go see what was in the cistern, it's water. I think to myself "So there is water in hell" and kept moving towards the screams. I lower down and peek around the corner of this cavern entrance and what I saw was shocking, yet I could not take my eyes of this scene. It was a man laid naked over a rock. He was tied down and I could see a demon behind him busying himself with figuring out what next object he would use to shove up this person's butt. The man was begging God to save him and kept asking "Why me." Suddenly the man looked over and saw me with tears streaming down his faoff, I could see he was in pain. The demon saw he was looking at something and turned to see me. He yelled "Your not suppose to be here" with a roaring voice which scared me awake. The point I got out of this dream is this is where I could END up if I didn't heed the warning and start listening to my Father again.


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