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When you feel like you want to cry
When you feel like everything is a lie 
When you feel like your life is a joke 
When you feel like you just want to choke (yourself)

When you feel like you want to cry 
You don't feel like your will rise from the fires of hell below
But I'll rise me matter what you show


  • Kevin Larson

    Kevin Larson

    No matter.. what is shown. The Hell beneath has risen.. over head and shoulders. It engulfs the clouds as smoke billows blocking out the Sun. Complete Dark. Complete fear. Screams from the demons.. near as you can smell sulfur. Tugging on the charred cotton. Your hands clench involuntarily. The need to urinate immediate. Thirst has long since stuck. Tongue and tooth gum and roof. Glued as if the sweltering heat.. was in fact a frozen tundra burn. Turn Around. The ones whom have been.. are upon their prey and now.. have you surrounded all around. Little ones only a dwarf size. The Large are Taller than Trees. In the middle most frightening. An incredibly unbelievable sight. Everything of Earth removed. No clothes.. No outer shell. Just. A mirror.

    Apr 28, 2020

  • Apr 28, 2020

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