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I look behind the open doors of secrets, lies beneath my wings is a mirror of brew decay.
 Within my my branches I seek another path ahead of the stars I sore one more of the deepest core inside the forbidden walls lies a stream of puddles underneath the door. 
I know a hidden chamber within the golden lakes, 
I watch a triple wand trickle up a path of mysterious treasures that meets ahead with the silky meadows. As the days bleed ahead; I noticed a difference tear of wrath in the creeks not of this pond but the secrets unfold. I see a dying mother crying out in wounds in bruises of her taunted past
Not know the secret escape behind her veils of blunter. I urged out the door looking for a better way to find the liquid roses on the ground, dripping from her nose, as she looses power. But I ran out in vengeance to the one who took away the key and left with no regrets. No guilt in sight I see an open edge,
Just to take back what’s mine to breath back the small decay of my grime. I noticed you behind the banks at the river docks and beneath the oceans; A tumb lays within it’s chambers of prison walls.
My oceany blue I cry these tears of the abusive waves that took away every familiar moment, I laughed this pain away beneath the steal of rocks I once called a place of security.


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    Apr 27, 2020

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