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  • The life we live is a continuous process till our death, many people die and take birth everyday that's a common thing for all which is gonna be non stop. But do we notice a major part of it, that's everyday means after every 24 hours a new day starts and the process keeps going on. In a day not only on the beginning this process continues but within all the 24 hours of the day it happens anytime, anywhere. The 24 hours we live each day is a blessing from the universal lord. We spend this time in our multiple chores such as doing our duties, eating, sleeping, enjoying, praying, etc. Specially we follow our regular schedule throughout these 24 hours. And if we talk about something apart from it that is the Sunday among a week. We usually take rest on Sundays. We simply don't follow the schedule that we use to go through in the other 6 days of week. But if we have to do something that we can't manage in other 6 working days of the week, we keep that for the 24 hours of Sunday. But do we work on all the plans of Sunday....However, many people manage but some do get disturbed because they are the people of different ideologies, they feel it burden then.If we think we have 24 hours too in each day among our 6 working days.All around we have 144 hours to work, to spend in multiple things from Monday to Saturday. Then why do we prefer Sundays for different jobs. Let us utilize every 24 hours; it is quite obvious that as being humans we need to have rest but that's only for about 6-7 hours. Else 17-18 hours what  we have to do? We can make ourselves really a human, we can leave the stress and be practical, we can live our 24 hours. We can grow up in a true way. Why to spend our 24 hours in useless things. Lets use it for good and needy. Of course the continuous work makes a man tired...we too get bored but the boredom is of 2/12th portion of our 24 hours. We can transform our boredom in creativity by working upon our hobbies. If we calculate, then there are 8760 hours in our 365 days just in a year. If we try, we can turn the world upside down. So, let's make our mind for it. Let's do what we were not able to do till now. Let's try once to achieve the real things we usually dream of. It's surely true that not everybody's dreams come true, whatever they do become their future sometimes. But even a little bit of try to achieve our goal matters. We should see that what our souls need to be fed with happiness? We should recognise our ability to live our 24 hours efficiently.


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    Apr 27, 2020

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