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My name is Holly and I recently celebrated my two year anniversary as an active member on Writer's Outlet. In early 2018, 
I began testing the waters of writing apps/platforms by signing up to see if it was ideal for my writing needs. The first three communities were a wash so I ended up deactivating my account just as quickly as I signed up. My fourth approach was Writer's Outlet and I remember saying under my breath "I guess this one should suck, too."

So I gave it a shot, signed up and I created a profile. Shortly after, I began reading the stories within the community and was initially inspired. Moving forward, I began writing my own stories, and for the first time ever I wasn't ashamed to share them with the world around me. I finally relieved a burden of anguish that had been eating me alive for many years from the inside out. That's when the healing process began, right here on these grounds and the support from the community members kept me going strong. However, that support slowly began to diminish in the past six months and this place became a quiet place. A community that once popped has turned into a ghost town and it saddens me.

That being said, I'm kindly asking all the active members who frequently use this app to please interact with your fellow writers by offering feedback and ratings. This lack of interaction is slowly killing this community and this interaction takes little to no effort. To those who give feedback and ratings, it's much appreciated and it goes further than you think. To those who click to read the stories and hide out in the background, please speak up and break the silence, because silence is the first and foremost killer that's guaranteed to bury this community straight into the ground. 

The bottom line is this, if you care about Writer's Outlet half as much as I do then please comment and vote on everyone's stories, whether you love it or hate it, any interaction whatsoever will contribute to keeping this community from sinking to the bottom. Again, it's an effortless approach to save these grounds so others, like myself can have a place to mend their broken souls like I have. I love this community -- I love to read your stories just as much as I love writing my own. This outlet is my outlet from the every day chaos that goes on in our world..I hope it's yours as well. Please keep on writing everyone, it's much needed and appreciated. God bless! ❤📜🖋


  • Apr 28, 2020

  • Apr 28, 2020

  • May 14, 2020

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