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(The screen switches to Kanisha running through the paris)

(A guitar is playing)

(Kanisha painting on a canvas with her tail)

(Kanisha fighting a wrestler)

(Kanisha surrounded by animals in the woods)

(Kanisha is riding a dragon)

(Kanisha with fire coming out of her hand and hits the ground)

(Kanisha is on a top of a hill and smiles at the camera)

(The screen switches to Kanisha reading comics on a chair)

(The opening ends with the name 'Kimi ( C)' with crystals around it and by Kanisha, who is smiling)

(The episode opens with Kanisha reading a comic book with a bubble pipe in her mouth, when she sees Penelope opening the door and gets a brown box. Then Kanisha closes the door with telekinesis)

Penelope (looks at the box): It's for me, but how? I didn't tell anybody .

Kanisha:  (takes the pipe out of her mouth) Your sister tracked you yesterday because she was worried, since you didn't call.

Penelope: Seriously, why didn't you stop her?

Kanisha (with glasses): Because she was going to go to your agency and report, then they would try to find you and be seen as an enemy; and you would be arrested.

Penelope: I guess that's true, should I visit her.

Kanisha: (blows bubbles in the pipe) Open the box first

(Penelope opens the box and sees a letter along with a big plushie of a dog)

Penelope: A dog.

Kanisha: What a terrible boss (takes the letter and throws it out of the door, the letter explodes)

Penelope: Why would you let me hold that?

Kanisha: You wouldn't have got hurt (takes a sip of tea) Anyway, we should visit your sister.

Penelope: But, what if

(Kanisha puts Penelope down, as a rocker comes through the window)

(The screen shows things moving slow, then makes the glass levitate, slices the rocket with one finger nail; runs outside, throws pieces of the rocket into the sky, grabs Penelope and puts her on her back)

Penelope (looking at Kanisha's mansion, that is undamaged): Your home security system fixed the damage and the FBI agency won't be able to access your mansion.

Kanisha: Of course, also thanks for modifying my house security system, I didn't really bother to handle that, I was kinda busy making my books and schedules.

Penelope: You take time writing.

Kanisha: Of course, racing is no fun, plus I get act like I'm an adult from the movies.

Penelope (thought): You are strange.

Kanisha: I am.

Penelope: So, what do you research about me, since I've been following you for at least a month.

Kanisha (strikes a bomb with her tail): Of course, but I didn't dig too deep, since that would be rude.

Penelope: We should probably leave, before more rockets come.

Kanisha: They won't (with red eyes) I melted them all

Penelope (not surprised) (just smiles): Of course you dix.

Penelope (thought) (looks at Kanisha): She really is a lethal weapon, yet she still smiles, like a regular person.

(Kanisha takes Penelope's hand and speeds to the city)

(The screen shows a woman who has brown straight hair, wearing a black dress sitting in the dark looking out the window)

Penelope's sister: I guess I shouldn't have sent that mail, it was foolish to keep my hopes up.

Kanisha (camera doesn't show her): That's a bad thing to say.

(Penelope's sister turns around to see Kanisha by Penelope. Penelope hugs her sister: Serena)

Serena: But, the bombs.

Kanisha (raises her hand with a smile): I handled it.

Serena: They were right, I led them to you (hugs Kanisha) I'm sorry.

Kanisha: I'm okay, the FBI sending bombs doesn't bother me, plus my house didn't explode, thanks to your sister.

Serena (looks at Penelope): You really going to quit your job.

Penelope (looking at Serena with a serious face): Serena, I've been watching this girl for a month, she means no harm to anybody, plus she invited me into her home and I bet she would let you stay.

Serena (worried): But, the boss said if you don't compliment this mission, we will be thrown in jail.

Kanisha: Not if I have anything to say or do about it.

Serena: You can't attack them, then you'll just be walking into a trap.

Kanisha: I never said I was going there in person.

(Kanisha opens a window, takes a paper mache ball out of her pocket, and throws it into the sky).

Kanisha: Now, shall me go.

Serena: But, what did you do?

Kanisha (smiles happily): You'll see

(Serena and Penelope look at each other with worry. Kanisha cuts open a portal in the middle of the dark room and throws Penelope and Serena in it, puts a force field around the house, then she jumps into the portal)

(The portal close)

(A black void is shown with Kanisha looking at the camera)

Kanisha: So, sorry for the rush job on this episode, but I promise, the next episode will be better, much better. Oh, well bye

(The episode ends with Kanisha walking away as she disappears)


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