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    Yellow Tape 

These concrete streets
Beneath my feet
Is where I eat and breathe, 
And sleep at night. 
Tucked in tight  
Beneath the street lights,
In these city blocks
Of culture shock. 

A result of my faults,
From the choices I made.
Got burned by the fire,
Then my life went sour,
On a downward spiral.
Now I must pay,
For I learned the hard way.

This place of disgrace 
Is outrageously dangerous,
Everything but safe. 
The domain of inhumane, 
In the shady sides 
Of crazy and insane. 

Drug deals and drive bys,
Folks strive to get high,
Some survive, others die,
Every day is a homicide. 

Just the other day 
I was mugged by a thug,
Held a gun to my head,
Ten seconds of dread,
And I thought I was dead. 

Troubles on the horizon,
Unsurprisingly arising,
I'm always in fear,
Every day of the year 
Knowing it's near.

These concrete streets 
Beneath my feet,
Is the prime for crime
Of each and every kind. 
Where the heat is deep 
And lives overturn.
Where bridges burn,
And tables turn.
Where lessons are learned.

The yellow tape sets you straight!



  • Apr 27, 2020

  • Apr 27, 2020

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    Apr 27, 2020

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