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Me and my brother had fun we played but when we fight it sounds like a war but this fight was QUIT me and him did prank wars then he took it to far he trew my shoes out the car window in the parking lot I when to go get them then he lock the door I told him upen it five times then when I got in he got at me it made nosense I told my dad he said stop doing this crap then I felt bad he stop talking to me so I thought I'm not going to talk to him. The next day it got worse he took everything he gave me I was pist  but the I think above the situation i pranked him I got super glue a glued him to the door nob then ya it got worse my dad helped him out we still whent to the same summer camp.when we went tow weeks in it he bang my head in the bath room so I got mad I ask my older brother to hold him down so I can slap him in the face he felt it.The next day he chocked me with his friends and then I said dam we should call animal control a ape has a scaped. Then my dad settle us.THE END


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    Apr 27, 2020

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    Apr 27, 2020

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