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We used to be out from the outside world

hang out having fun with our friends 

seeing our loved ones, 

going to many places we want to go 

eating out in the restaurant 

everything was so perfect.

Why this dangerous zone have to come? 

Destroy our happiness it’s shattered our hearts 

into a thousand pieces we have no hope push us down like a heavy stone, 

everything came crashing down 

everywhere being lockdown. 

How could this dangerous zone do this to us? 

All people are in their houses

couldn’t go out 

can’t see their friends,

including our loved one's

having online class 

wish we could go out from the outside world 

we pray to Jesus give us strength 

to beat this dangerous zone. 

When is the time we could go out again? 

Being inside with our family members 

everybody looked at the news 

begin to freaking out, 

rush get to the store 

get everything we should 

need to stay survive. 

Wouldn’t this dangerous zone just vanish? 

Some workers their job have been affected because of it, 

add pressure on us 

long distance from each other 

How could this dangerous zone upon us? 

In our dreams thinking of meeting with friends 

and loved ones when we wake up 

its fade away, 

fear is taking over us 

we let our fears come inside us 

begin to feel anxious and overwhelmed by it. 

Why this is happening to us? 

Dangerous zone burden our shoulders 

this kind of pain we are going through right now 

we’re in a dark place,

who knows what is another side of the dark tunnel someday this bright sunlight 

rise again. 

Would this dangerous zone just disappear forever? 

We could be back to normal life again 

for right now just be strong 

don’t let this dangerous zone drag us down,

keep on pushing don’t back down 

we would bring back our happiness.

Could this dangerous zone just go away? 

We’ll in this together we make it through 

I know we could. 


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    Apr 27, 2020

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