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Is this a dream or am I really a top this mountain with two angels? We stand, watching a scene below go on. As I stood there with my guardian angels watching the scene below, suddenly one of the people we are watching starts to float upwards towards the sky. He looked down upon those he was leaving behind and when he got to where we stood, he paused, looked me in the eyes, and said telepathically "Prepare your next." I askes one of my angels in shock if he could see me and they replied "Yes, He see's and knows all" I turned back to watch Jesus continue to float above to a ship awaiting for him in the clouds. I never got what he meant until two years ago.. Hello I'm your new messiah here to teach you as he did me the secrets to life. Freely given to me, so I shall freely give it to you.


  • I love you writing.Thumbs up!👍

    Apr 27, 2020

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