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If you really know something. Know what to do with nothing. Honey ain't money. Money is birds and 🍯 honey. It's the 🐝 beez. Kitting off with women out of town. They got good education of they town. Really my town. Out of town for one night, I'm yatchy swimming good like a ocean of pussy && my dick the boat. Frank ocean is the name of you got a boyfriend, look at my dive in stroke. Baby ride my face as you sloper me up. Don't stop if I cum, keep fucking me or suck me until I get it back up. Let me nutt in your butt. I may not get in your gutt. You will cum && nutt and nutt. Just keep quiet. If not taking back dirty, rit!  I like to give head to head up side ways. Lay at feet side ways. Eat your pussy laying opposite side, Sideways Many different fuck ways to fuck. Can't judge pussy, pussy is pussy && I can give a fuck. Stank, sweaty, ugly, hotbox, no burns what I have to buck. I eat pussy for fun. Only ass if you let me nutt in your butt before I fuck. Don't be like some girls that can't get it up. 4 play is the high of sex, let me Munch. Sweet teeth, pop that sweet Church && Munch.


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