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As this vicious killer spreads it’s fearful tentacle. We all are enveloped with the mournful screams of fear- pain and death. As millions take their last breath we are all connected-no one is immune. Physically or psychologically we are affected. Banding together and directed by our health professionals-front line medical staffs and strong- coherent leaders. Separating the spontaneous rambling of some leaders by those who rely on those great health professionals got direction in this massive battle. Most citizens have shown courage sacrifice and patience as all Iives are forever changed to the new normal we’ve yet to establish. Some have chosen to protest the safety guidelines demonstrating their dissatisfaction. One wonders if any  have lost a loved one is among this dissident group or would they be if the tragedy befell them. We struggle each day to stay on course as thousands continue to die. Our reward will be the elimination of this monster as we go from victim to survivor to veteran now able to enjoy the satisfaction of winning and living again. It is our hope that this culmination occurs sooner rather than later 


  • Apr 26, 2020

  • Apr 26, 2020

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