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   I struggle with my own argumentative personality.  I'm prone to debate points even when i agree with my "opponent", If I feel the other person can't explain why they have that opinion. I've always felt that people just picked a view and dug in there heels on it without really thinking the whole thing threw. My Enjoyment in clever wordplay by playing devil's advocate, or being a "troll" the capability to punch holes in a statement. I use to think it was the right thing to do force others critical thought, but I've learned that when you bluntly refute another's belief it hits people's pride so they double down out of spite and to maintain there "integrity". The most beneficial effect of micro-dosing for me was this heightened sense for other people's emotion behind there words. A much better understanding to the attachment they have for it and how they came to the conclusion they did. I gained a more compassionate willingness to listen and hear out my fellow man. When i quietly viewed others instead of simply waiting for my clever rebuddle, I would connect with the person, humanizing them instead of simply only hearing there words that they very possibly are only repeating.

   "Have you philosophers really no clue that you have been beaten with your own weapons? Only one clue. What can your common sense reply when I dissolve dialectically what you have merely posited dialectically? You have showed me with what kind of 'volubility' one can turn everything to nothing and nothing to everything, black into white and white into black. What do you have against me, when I return to you your pure art?" — Max Stirner


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