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Physiological Needs

The most basic of are needs. Vital to survival, such as water, air, food and sleep. These are the most basic and instinctive needs in the hierarchy because because everything els becomes secondary until these physiological needs are met.

Security Needs

The need for safety and security. Security needs are important for survival, not as demanding as physiological needs but vastly important for a steady life. Examples of are security needs include steady employment(or income), health insurance/general heath care, safe neighborhood without fear to walk the streets and a comfortable home to live in.

Social Needs

These include needs for belonging, love and affection. Maslow considered these needs to be less basic than physiological and security needs. Relationships such as friendships, romantic attachments and families help fulfill this need for companionship and acceptance, as does involvement in social, community or religious groups.

Esteem Needs

After the first three needs have been satisfied, esteem needs becomes increasingly important. These include the need for things that reflect on self-esteem, personal worth, social recognition and accomplishment.

Self-actualizing Needs

This is the highest level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Self-actualizing people are self-aware, concerned with personal growth, less concerned with the opinions of others and interested fulfilling their potential.


  • May 12, 2020

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