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   What's the purpose of AA? It's to get sober right? How exactly do they do that? Well my  guess is that you are powerless under your addictions or behavior and must give yourself over to a higher power.

   Zero doctors study the 12 step system in med school. Who would waste a loan on that? Med school is difficult and expensive, people's goal I'd believe would be to learn practical medical sciences. The 12 step system is religion based but yet it is the #1 go to treatment for addicts and the mentally ill.

   I can see how someone could very well feel like they have no control. Then along comes someone in a nice white lab coat and says confidently And professionally "The only route to recovery is AA the 12 step system is the path to take". A variation of the 12 step program is in general the exlusive prescription for addiction.

   At this point In my life i fancy myself very aware of how to behave with in lifes social constructs. I was never truly out of control with drugs maybe booze a bit. Mostly I was just impulsive and angry at the machine.

   How can a doctor with a medical degree tell someone that they have a disease and the cure for that disease is God. That is perciselly what there saying when your sent to AA, 5 or 6 of the 12 steps are entirely God based


  • May 12, 2020

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