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It wasn't to be, even though I wanted.
It wasn't to stay with me,
 Although I was waiting.

  It wasn't to be, 
Even though I did everything I could.
It wasn't to be, 
Even though you were all I needed the most.

 These are the words I keep repeating.  
I wonder: Where did you go?
  In whose arms will you take refuge now? 

 If you leave, 
Why do you leave me the loneliness
 That grinds my heart 
And leaves me with questions?  

You weren't for me, 
But I want to see you happy.  
Even though I know I'm not your happiness.  

You weren't for me and you never will be, 
Just because I wanted to, 
Doesn't mean I could love for two.

  It wasn't meant to be,
 But I can't forget you.
  It wasn't meant to be,
 But my heart still wants you.


  • May 12, 2020

  • May 12, 2020

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