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   Have you ever seen a spirit? “No, not I, but my grandmother.” A common statement when spirits and ghosts are referenced in conversation. Personally I haven't seen anything even close to an apparition or Angel, no ghosts or hauntings. My grandma has a variety of tales about her experiences with spiritual beings, both Righteous and Sidious affairs. Yet because of her kind and honest character, the love and wellbeing i know for fact she wants for me, how in good Faith could i question her's? Without a grandfather i would have blindly believed without suspicion, he would shrug his shoulders and wink at me when she told her outlandish tales. What's the root to people's Faith in spirits and ghosts, "if not the faith in the existence of spiritual beings in general".
   A knockout blow!!! to the existence of God by the very disbelief of spirits. Good faithful believers persuades the gullible with a warm welcoming embrace into the flock, tribal belief towards the church's idea of truth. Easy acceptance for the lost and confused, while based in there culture is the path of no resistance without need for personal experience to form an opinion. "He who no longer believes in any ghost needs only to travel on consistently in his unbelief to see that there is no separate being at all concealed behind things, no ghost or spirit"

   Take a good look around. Now tell me you don't see life in everything you gaze upon. A beautiful bush of roses filled with teeth of thorns, it glows with a spirit of creation, who has shaped it so particularly  with purpose. The shining stars clearly burn with life, a link to the past like a ghost of chaos and the order to all things. The earth itself has soul, moves and grows into gloriously white peaks of tremendously  extreme mountains only recently explored by a handful of most spirit filled men. "The mountains may sink, the flowers fade, the world of stars fall in ruins, the men die", yet just a speck of sand in a desert of life and soul. "An invisible spirit that abides eternally!"

  Heavily based on Max Stiner's   The Ego and its it's Own 


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    May 11, 2020

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