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Ineffability - ideas that cannot or should not be expressed in spoken words philosophy, aspects of existence, and similar concepts that are inherently "too great", complex, or abstract to be adequately communicated.

   Something and Anything Both are used to describe a thing that exists there can not be nothing without needing to address the existence of Everything! The biggest question that follows that is whether it is ever actually possible for there to be nothing at all, or whether there must always be something? Nothing literally means "No"-"Thing", so in saying there is nothing you're inherently saying there is a Thing to No.

   I would advocately claim that there was no heaven and hell, no such thing as a soul or an after life, that there is nothing after death. We as people have no concept for a lack of existence were Ineffably clueless. We don't even have a word for nonexistence that I'm aware of. Furthermore if there is in fact no second stage of existence after this one, does that implie that morals and personal code of conducts mean nothing making life inherently pointless?

   Some would say these ideas are nihilistic and pessimistic but I would have to disagree. I believe in are existence but I can't validate are importance within existence. Furthermore i dont correlate happiness with humanity's importance I believe them unrelated. Does the ant have humility in the presence of men?

   Does the knowlage of my own self unimportance to existence itself dictate my experience within existence? The absurdity of these concepts undeniably scare and perplex me. Absurdity is my ideal conclusion.

   The infinate paradoxes of existence are extremely Ineffable and Fundamentally unreasonable. Rather than allowing myself to be depessingly foolish I deemed them not to be taken overly serious, because the overwhelming gloom of complex realities soul crushing weight is a undeniably unwanted hindrance.

"the Absurd" refers to the conflict between the human tendency to seek value and meaning in life while also human's inability to find any of Merit for it


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