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  Novel corona virus is man-made 
  Zhao blamed US military 
  Virus originated in the US 
  Bio-weapon spread in china 
  Military exercised in October 19 
  7th Military World Games in Wuhan 
  Attacked the dragon 
  Who is war monger? 
  Trade war, cold war, proxy war 
  Supremacy in Technology 
  Two Thousands virus cultures 
  In Wuhan Bomb Shell 
  Novel Corona virus man-made! 
  Man is carrier 
  Bat may be warrior 
  So release the flock of warriors 
  In battle fields 
  New bio-missiles strategy 

      Terrorists exercise in launch pads 
      Violated ceasefire 
      Hundreds of thousands of militants, 
      Jihadis and terrorists 
      Do free exercises and rehearsals 
      It is world wide concept 
      Infiltrate and attack 
      With corona bombs and carriers! 
      Holy sermons and Holy foods 
      Spread in discourses, gatherings and rituals 
      They are devotees 
      Who propagate corona secretly! 
      Blissful seats, salvation 
      They bless them as messengers 
      They are on service of Omniscient 
      In the name of Almighty 
      Who is protector to them 

      Discourses in various countries 
      Holy announcements to cite hymns 
      Gathering fearlessly in shrines 
      Ordeals for pursuers 
      Staunch sectaries follow 
      Religious decree towards piety 
      Guided religious priests 
      They carried virus in peace 

     Microbes attacked contiguously 
     Replicated tremendously 
     Deteriorated devout victims 
     Chocked lings furiously 
     They coughed rigorously 
     Die another day 
     If resist, collapse in fortnight 
     Die in group or alone 
     Issuing death warrants 
     Spreading corona foes 
     Sabbath in shrines 
     Dyeing is not sin or crime 
     It is salvation! 
     Religious order for Elysium 
     Try to die in holy places or shrines 
     Religious leaders opine 

     Who blame God! 
     It is blasphemy 
     No profane talk in public 
     God is great 
     Enormous sin accumulated 
     Punishment in pandemic 
     Corona havoc inflicted 
     Preached divine judgement 
     Priests everywhere in need 

     Miscreants pelted stones 
     Religious rights banned 
     Citing hymns in gatherings disdained 
     Quarantined devout pissed 
     Spitted droplets, defecated on road 
     Human wastes, they threw in hospitals 
     Nude idiots abused nurses 
     Lascivious bigots danced 
     Inviting them with filthy gestures 
     Ecstasy of lust an open orgy 
     Supporters in slums chased 
     Corona warriors, police, doctors, paramedics 
     They pelted stones, thrashed doctors 
     Cops, volunteers with bricks and tools 
     Cried we are devout not fools 
     It is mercy of God to survive or die 
     No infection to us, don't misguide 

      Foreigners and migrants spread virus 
      Perhaps, conspiracy of enemy country 
      Systems fail despite lockdown 
      No medicine no remedy 
      Combat with demons 
      Humans die 
      Corona virus replicates in disguise 
      Community of devout not contemplate 
      Cops, nurses, doctors, volunteers 
      Paramedics got infection overnight 
      Not to charge them killer corona friends 
      It is divine command to die in pandemic 
      Covid-19 is havoc or turmoil 
      Wrath of God inflicts civilization 

      Russians and Chinese friends not foes 
      Russia saves China in all affairs and rows 
      Corona arrived peacefully 
      Microbes spread since December 2019 
      Trans Siberian railways welcome 
      Chinese to go 
      Epicenter Wuhan shot 
      Virus bullets, missiles and bombs 
      It is secret bio-war 
      Subsided Trade war with foes 
      China manufactured medical tools 
      PPE kits, masks, test kits in anticipation 
      Trade, trade, trade 
      World goes mad 
      Russians and Lockdown tactics 
      New imperialism ethics 
      Nefarious Chauvinism world trade grows 

     Virus bombs burst in community 
     Mammoth Russians infected 
     Quarantined, collapsed in March 
     Observed ordeals of Lockdown in April 2020 
     Virus spread not only in Moscow 
     Kremlin or Leningrad 
     But arrived in Nuclear City Island 
     But how?  
     It is fake news to investigate 
     I assume Chinese corpses! 
     What experiment about corona victims 
     China drowned them in oceans 
     Watery graves endangered marine life 
     3000 km Sino-Russian Border sealed 
     In May 2020, Russia developed animosity 

     Bat is auspicious in Fengshui 
     Symbol of wealth and prosperity 
     Bat soup is popular in China 
     Drink Lee, Xi or Lucy 
     Bring happiness, longevity 
     Ask expert of Fengshui 
     Corona is friend of Bat 
      They live in harmony 
      But not Batman 
      Never hate and combat 
      What virologists state 
      I think bat sends them in hibernation 
      Bat bites Pangolins 
      Snakes and other animals 
      They transmit corona virus to man 
      Feces of bats they consumed 
      Delicious meat chops and soup 
      Men consume 
      China developed drugs and vaccines 
      RNA polymerases, antiviral agents 
      Remdesivir, and other drugs 
      They use convalescent plasma theory 
      Controlled the pandemic 
      After eighty four days lockdown 
      Bat brings prosperity to Dragon 
      China leads in Trade War  

      Prisoners fled in Iran 
      Roamed in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Teheran 
      They neglected social distancing 
      Cited Hymns of Holy Koran 
      Secret corona carriers preached 
      Sermons in discourses in ignorance 
      Fatal blow of infection they received 
      Concealed fever galvanizing infection 
      Country to country across world slow 
      They travel and migrate in chaos and rows 

     Italy floundered living norms 
     Chinese friends they hugged 
     Flights from China in December 2019 
     Travelers carried virus ahead 
     Demon virus traveled across 
     Europe, America and world 
     Within two months 

     Shi Zhengli the Bat Woman of China 
     Narrated the story in details 
     Scientists of Wuhan lab 
     Collected urine and fecal pellets 
     Bat dwelled in cave 
     They made medicines 
     Vaccines and drugs 
     Scientists detected corona in 2004 
     Why they blame? 
     China blames America 
     America categorically blames China 
     It is true - China should not deny 
     Corona traveled from Wuhan 

     December 2019 - Wuhan 
     Became epicenter then ghost city 
     Corona traveled through air flights 
     Creating global pandemic sufferings 
     May 2020 worst affected Trade 
     They send naval fleets 
     In Arctic, Pacific and 
     Chinese seas and oceans 
     Blame, blame, blame 
     Styles and modes different 
     Play Chinese video games 
     Send imported goods 
     To Dragon in disdain. 
      *      *       *       *        * 
       Kamal Kishore Sharma, Behind Hotel 
       Midtown, Sneh Nagar Balaghat [MP] 
       India 481001 919424614441 
       918966088853  Date: May Monday 11, 2020 
       Word Notes: 
       [1] Zhao Lijian - Spokesperson Chinese Foreign 
       [2] Sectary - n. a member of religious group or 
             political sect 
       [3] Mediocre - not great, not poor, not average 
       [4] Ritual - n. a religious ceremony 
       [5] Omniscient - n. who knows everything 
       [6] Pursuivant - n. a follower or attendant 
       [7] Piety - the quality of being religious 
       [8] Profane - against God, not religious, sinful 
       [9] Inflict - v. to punish 
       [10] Sabbath - n. a day of religious observance 
               and abstinence from work 
       [11] Orgy - n. party of sexual activity [rave] 
       [12] Flounder - v. to make mistake, to plunge 
       [13] Animosity - hostility 
       [14] Malefic - harmful    



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