The Life Of An Orphaned Boy Read Count : 12

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We are two from our parents .lwazi and I(Lizo).I was an initiate the time incident happen to my brother also was about to go to circumcis next year.I saw three guys shooting my parents and I was asking them to stop unluckily my parents were already saw my brother crying out loudly but no one was asking him some questions.
Me:what is going on ?
Him:they killed our parents 
Me:did they shooted you also because I see blood in your clothes? 
Him:in was trying to wake up my parents
All along I was dreaming. Following day one of the man came telling other guys that one of the initiate lost parents some guys shooted his parents. Three weeks later was my parent's funeral and I saw everything thing was happening in my parent's funeral in my dreams.I was still at mountain because the incident happened before time to get back home and funeral also was also before time to get home because we stay two months in the mountain.i told the one who was looking after initinters every thing was happening in my month and one week later was the time to get back home.The elders telling me how man behaves.when I look my mother's sister i saw her paying those guys were shooting my was just an emage I saw when I was looking at her. Following day she came to us telling us if there is something we need we can ask to help us since our parents passed away
Me :we don't need anything 
Her:please my sister'schildren in didn't kill your parents 
Me:we didn't say that 
Her :I'm willing to help you with anything 
Me :I said no 
Her :please forgive me 
Me ;for what 
She was crying saying that she didbride guys to kill our parents to own the house and cars and she always see my parents telling her to confess to us in order to make them rest in peace.



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    May 11, 2020

  • May 11, 2020

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