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I've enjoyed her silence
When everyone was talking loudly. 
I looked deep into her soul
While everyone else was searching around it.

I knew she was the sweetest girl I could meet.
The way she smiled made my heart dance. 
It made me fall in love more with every touch,
Because I felt at home, close to her chest.

I knew she had the piece of soul I lacked.
Even with a broken heart I can love her.

Rainy day, with an acoustic guitar in my hand...
Both ruffled after those thousands of hugs
Hidden under the white blanket. 

She is the right one,
Even if I make mistakes sometimes.
The ring on her hand never comes off.

It makes me feel that kind of love
That I thought was only in the old age.


  • May 11, 2020

  • May 11, 2020

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