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Every year in this month of may we come across a day named mothers day.  For centuries we have come a custom to certain things like giving mom cards and gifts on this day in the month in May. So what really is Mother day? mothers day is the day we celebrate mom you might say, but let me tell you what I think of mothers day. My mother is the woman that raised me up to be the woman I am today. but it starts way before who you see before you today. my mother worked hard to help pave my way putting me first in every way. my mother struggled but kept it all inside so that I wouldn't worry but deep down she cried. My mother may not have done everything right but she loved me her daughter with all her might.my mother has provided in so many ways physically, emotionally, and financially  I must say. my mother and I may not have always seen eye to eye, but when I need her she's there by my side, my mother has made me laugh and we have seen many tears but that's what made us strong throughout the years. my mother is the woman that kept me safe from harm and it started before  I was even placed in her arms. she let her body go through such a change but a beautiful baby girl was what she had gained. So when you look at me today all you may see is me but I will tell you I see my mother in me. as I get older although I'm still so young I will always thank my mother for what I've become. So that's what mothers day means to me because without her who would I be.so whoever asks you about mothers day I hope this makes you think about the answer  you say 


  • ~ Blueberry ~ Chan ~

    ~ Blueberry ~ Chan ~

    Thank you. I need to SEE A MOTHERS DAY WRITING

    May 10, 2020

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