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                                                          Chapter 1  
                                                 🌟   ~  Sadie  ~  🌟  
I'm going  to  tell  you  a  story . I  know  right ?  Everyone's  got  a  story. But  mine  is  a  little  bit  different . I know  this isn't  just my story  it's also  my friends  story. See I've been  friends  with  Peter Cooper  and  his  brother  Steve  Cooper  and  it's been  a long  time  now. I met them when I was in 4th grade  and I stood up  to  a big bully in our class . A tall  guy  stole Pete's  lunch . And we've been  friends  since  then . I turned  18 this year and Pete is too. We're in grade 12  and  Steve  is In grade 11 and he's about to  be 16 and this is the part where  I  tell you  what actually  happened  that went down .  Their mom Topanga  is  into  drugs  really  heavily  and  wants  the  boys  to  be  just  like  her . That means she wants  them into  drugs and alcohol . But her nickname  is backseat  Topanga , which  means that  She's been  caught  in the  back seat  of cars with  many different  guys and sadly , not much older than  Pete. I never  touched  the  stuff that  they do.  I heard sirens one day while  I  stopped  by my mom's  place . And I rushed  over  through the  parking  lot  to the very tall wooden fence  and looked to see what  was going  on .  I reconize  the  red car that was pulled  over . Especially  when Pete  and  Steve  stepped  out  of  the  car .  The cop took a bag out. It had some kind  of  drugs  in it.  Well  I know  Pete  doesn't  do drugs as bad as  his brother  and  the only  two things I've known  Pete to do are smoke  weed  and crystal  meth  he tried  a few days  ago  and crystal  meth  is illegal  and weed is legal  but not to Pete because  he's under  age  you have to be 19 to purchase  or smoke weed. I mean cigarettes  he can't buy yet but  we let girls  under 16 get pregnant  and get to keep  their babies  and yet we can't vote until  we're 18. A lot later we were up in the  tree  house  talking  about  what  happened  earlier  when  they  got  pulled  over . 

"  We  have  to  do  community  service  " .  Steve  said. “  yea  and  it's picking  up  garbage  along  the  highway  " Pete said. “  it's really nice when you  have to  do  a drug  test  ". “  okay  what  was that like?" I asked  him .  "  Well pretty  weird  because  we both got shoved into a room and had to  pee in  the  cups we were handed. We uh peed in the same room  ". Then it got more awkward  when the Chief has to call our mom and tell her  that  we were in custody  and that all she had to say was were not supposed  to  get caught  with the drugs . "   " So when do you  have to pick  garbage  up?"  I  asked   . 
"  We don't know yet well get 24 hour  notice  though" Steve  said . “  Any chance  you'd try to  convince  the  cop to let me come with you guys?"  "Sure we'll  see  if we can  pull  a  few  strings  for  you  Sadie  ".  A few  days  later  the  Cooper  brothers  did their community  service  I was aloud  to  come. The only rule is if I act up I get to help the Cooper  brothers  pick up garbage . I  sat on  the  grass with my backpack  still on my shoulders . As always  I had my grey hat  backwards  and my white  sunglasses  on my  face . the  next day I highjacked  a car and brought the  Cooper  brothers  into  this  mess . We  went  to  Steves dealer .  He gave Pete and I  vanilla  cigarellas  Steve  smoked up in the back seat  of  the  car  and I was glad my backpack  was at Petes feet while I was  driving  taking  a few drags off my cigarella . 

We drove for a while . We'd  changed the  license  plates  to  Petes . “  You  know  that  the  cops will be looking  for  us  right ? We should go to  the  thrift  store  and  get  some  clothes  and  shoes  so  we  can  discize  ourselves  and hide out for a bit" Pete  said .  “  If we're hiding  out  and  discizing  ourselves ,  you  should  wear  a  dress  and  heels  and  make  up  to be a girl temporarily  " Steve  said . I  glared at him in the  mirror  and  if looks could kill they probably  would've .  I  believe  that  the  expression  on  my  face  is what Billie  Eilish  calls  '  resting  bitch  face  '  but in my eyes I'd look angry at  him. I'm glad  that  with  my  sunglasses  on  my  expression  in  my  eyes  isn't very  noticeable . We stopped  at  the  thrift  store  and  got  clothes  and  shoes . We went to their place and put our clothes and shoes  on. I was now wearing  a  croped  sweater  in grey and mohgany  baggy  short shorts  and a pair of heeled  boots . We drove and drove for about  4-6 hours hoping we weren't  on the  news .  We found  ourselves  on the outskirts  of  a city  and we  found  an abandoned  barn and  I parked the  car  behind  the  barn and we spent the  night in  the  barn. I had  a horrible  nightmare  about  being on the  run and killing   Steve  and  Pete . And in my dream I robbed a bank , well I robbed a few  banks . I need up in jail and I  died in  my  cell . 


  • it's not bad could've been more discriptive

    Jun 02, 2020

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