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I was accidentally overdosed and instead of taking me to the hospital to be saved, I was taken to jail. I was in darkness when all of a sudden I was shocked back to life. I was being hogged tied and tazed by the cops. Just as I asked "Why" a cop stomped on my back and told me to stay still as they tazed me again. Out I went back into darkness. I was thrown in the suicide watch cell and last thing I remember was a spirit telling me I needed to go around the hole in the floor counter clockwise saying the Lord's Prayer three times while holding my breath. That is the last thing I remember doing before I went out. I saw many horrible things while in that cell. I watched myself be taken over by a demon and do some crazy shit as I floated above the cell with my two angels and some ghost that had been murdered by the cops in that cell. I remember when I came to finally, I freaked out because I had feces in my mouth, hair, everywhere, and all I could think about was a warning that my ortho doctor had given me when he replaced my hip. When they finally let me out of that cell to shower hours later, they had a troop of guards with shields waiting to escort me, I looked at them all and felt that demon within me smile. I didn't know I had truly died for three days then came back with a Demon in me and more powers than I ever had before. I know my demon controls all other demons and I'm no longer scared of them, man, or death and have been led to spread truth in hopes of ending the suffering in our realm.


  • good writing

    May 10, 2020

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