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There were a few times in my life where it felt like everything is falling apart💔. Let me give a few examples :
I was in Grade 11. I was writing a certain subject exam and I forREASON.e answers of a few questions even though I studied📑. I literally set there for a few moments🕝🕒,but then I decided to do what my grandmother would always say " pray ". I prayed and immediately after that the answers came to me like nothing😎. Last year I put my phone on the armrest in order to get the TV remote and after getting it. I walked backwards,set on my phone😂and my phone's screen broke😭. I was without a cellphone for a few weeks. Then this one night before I slept I decided to pray. The next day my aunt and uncle went into town to go fetch the car they serviced🚗🛃. They came back and my aunt said " I saw a cellphone. Let's go check it out "☺. She bought the phone📱for me. If you prayed for something and still don't have it. Prepare yourself,because something bigger is coming your way. Have you ever been in a situation where you don't know whether you're coming or going,nothing is going right in life,you make wrong choices and so fort? EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. HE'S TIMING IS NOT TO EARLY NOR TO LATE. HE IS JUST ON TIME. DON'T FORGET THAT HE IS TESTING YOU TO SEE WHO ARE YOU GOING TO TURN TO. IF YOU HAVE GOD IN YOUR LIFE NOTHING CAN GO WRONG BUT IF IT DOES. THERE'S A REASON. GOD IS LOOKING OUT FOR YOU💖


  • ~ Blueberry ~ Chan ~

    ~ Blueberry ~ Chan ~

    We wish You a Merry Christian

    May 10, 2020

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