Could They Just Stop Read Count : 14

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I don’t like when you point 
out my flaw to her, 
it’s a break me apart
 in thousand pieces.
Why you have to do this?
the way you talk to her by text 
about little things I do make you 
feel discomfort, 
just open up directly to me 
have to help each other out 
we could solve our problem. 
Could they just stop?
I don’t like when they 
talk behind my back 
without me knowing, 
the day we’re in an 
exclusive shopping center 
year of two thousand and nineteen. 
How could you two do this to me? 
after me and my mother drop you 
off I didn't expect you told her about
how you feel about what I did to you,
know I made you look bad unfortunately 
you make me worse I thought you’re my 
Wouldn’t you know how I feel? 
I told you I had a disability 
you didn’t take that seriously 
still make it hard on me, 
you don’t know this about me 
in my condition I had a problem 
with planning, and decision-making.
How could you didn’t know? 
you’re pushing it hard on me 
could they just stop. 



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