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Looking at it from a different view sometimes I feel so alone.
But then I remember that I have friends that love me and a family to call my home. 
I often scroll and compare to people who I only know through a screen. Sure I’ve known them from my past life but that doesn’t mean they know me. It isn’t comparable and their accomplishments are theirs to celebrate. It isn’t my place to compare not to discriminate. It’s not fair to me and it’s not fair to them. I should be happy for these people and not let it make me ashamed of who I am. It’s as if I take it personal, as if their successes are a personal blow to me, telling me I’m not as good as they are and I’ll never be. Then I remind myself my journey isn’t their journey and their journey isn’t mine. We are different people with different personalities different successes and that’s perfectly fine. I’m here to run my race and not morph myself into someone else. God didn’t put me on this planet to put myself down and neglect my character or to compare. He put me in this planet because he chose me for a purpose to fulfill just like everyone else. I am different. I am unique. I am beautiful and I am free. I should be happy for others and root for their joys. Because I want others to do the same for me and not feel less then just because I post a photo that makes me look poised. It’s not for show. It’s just social media. Maneuver the way it makes you think and feel and learn to not let it control you. Your mind is the most powerful thing you have you tell it what to do. Not the other way around. Remember, you’re still growing and you’re life is unique to everyone else’s and vice versa. God has plans for you. Even when you forget and even when you don’t see. Hang tight to the truth. So it’ll continue to set you free. 


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