L O V E Read Count : 58

Category : Stories

Sub Category : YoungAdult
 This starts with a little boy who walks into a small pet shop, he has always wanted a puppy and he looked into the store window and saw two puppies and both were super cute. He went up to the counter of the shop and asked for a puppy but he couldn't pay for it so the man at the counter made a deal, of he could work for the store then he could have a puppy.  He worked for about seven weeks and finally had enough and the man did as he promised and told the boy, "Go choose a nice puppy for yourself, you deserve it.". The boy went over and looked at the puppy ifront, cute and big-eyed, but he looked in the back and saw a puppy with only three legs. The boy took the puppy to the man and the man said, "You want this one, there's betters ones?", The boy replied, "He's perfect!". He finally got the pet and walked out of the shop but there's a reason he bought the dog, the boy has only one arm.


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