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(The episode opens with Amelia, Rika, Rey, and Xia walking in a hallway)

Amelia (looking at Rey): Have you seen Kimi?

Rey: She's looking at maps.

Xia (runs): I'm going to keep her company 

Rey (stops Xia): Oh no you don't (drags Xia away)

Xia (being dragged away): Awww!

Rika ( with a camera): I wonder if this will go okay.

(The screen goes to Kimi looking at maps from a stand, then sees a big brown book)

(Kimi's eyes glitter, and grab the book, then opens the book and flips through the book with glitters still in her eyes)

(The man behind the stand reading a magazine, then looks at Kimi and puts the magazine down; he reveals he has long brown hair, wearing sunglasses on his head, purple jacket, white shirt, purple pants, and white shoes)

The man: Do you want the book?

Kimi (holding the closed book): Yes, please 

The man (smiles deviously) (face is not shown, just the smile): It's on the house

Kimi: Thank you (walks away, stops) (turns away) Wait...I 

(The man is gone)

(The screen switches to a blur passing Rey, who was looking at her phone, then the blur is revealed to be Kimi and enters through a portal)

(Kimi looks shocked, as she just sees nothing but grass, she super speeds through the area, but she gets hit by a force field and fell into the grass)

Kimi (on the ground): Okay, I'm trapped 

(Kimi sits up, wind past and make her hair wave, then she looks up at the sky)

Kimi (thought): My powers are tied to my emotion. Maybe it brought me here to breath

(The screen shows Kimi with a sword behind a body of people, it switches to Kimi flying, with lava in the shape of a snake following her, Kimi running, while holding hands of two little girls, and many other things)

Kimi (looking at the sky): I can't believe that's my future, I mean not all of it was bad, heck I get to save a lot of people and I become a great heroine (eyes twitching) But, at the same time (puts her head down) I'll become a killer too.

A voice: The future isn't written in stone.

Kimi: True, but I can't stop thinking about it.

A voice: It's okay, there are a lot of things that will wander in your head, it happens to anybody.

Kimi: True, but I also figured out that (looking  at  her hands) I'm immortal (turns her hands into fists) which means my friends will die and I can't have a long relationship.

A voice: Doesn't mean you can't have fun?

Kimi: True (gets up) heck, why am I here, I should be with them (puts her hand on her head)  right, i'm trapped

A voice (with a shadow appearing behind her): Maybe, there's a way to escape with the help of a special person 

(Kimi looks surprised, her eyes blinked, then she looks behind her to Amelia with a warming smile)

Amelia: Hi.

Kimi: You were the voice I heard, you sounded different.

Amelia: I can manipulate my voice, I sometimes like voice acting.

Kimi (thumbs up and winks): Nice.

Amelia: So, you ready to go home or you want to explain your feelings.

Kimi: I should share it with the others.

Amelia: Okay (gets out her swords and open a portal) 

Kimi: Thanks for listening.

Amelia: Got it.

(Kimi jumps into the portal, while holding Amelia's hand, once they land on the floor, and the portal closes)

(Kimi sees Rika, Rey, Xia, Charlie, Little tiger, and Lady J in Lady J's kitchen)

Rey (hugs Kimi): It's okay, we heard everything 

(Kimi looks at Amelia holding a phone)

Kimi (looking at the screen): Mmm, saw that coming (looks at her friends)

Charlie: Amelia is right, you can still have fun, even if your immortal.

Xia (gets in-between Charlie and Kimi): Yeah, besides it'll be a long time before you have to worry about us dying, so (makes Kimi smile) smile and stay positive.

Lady J (looking at Kimi): Yeah, besides this experience will help you grow.

Rika: Also, immortality makes you cooler.

Kimi: True, but now what I do.

(Xia waves a brown book in front of Kimi)

Kimi (smiles): Time travelling

(Everybody nods)

Lady J: Where to?

Little tiger (jumps): the place where dragons are real

Kimi (looks at Little tiger): The middle ages, good idea (hugs Little tiger)

Rika (behind Kimi and Little tiger): Are we all going or only a select few?

Kimi: We're going together.

Rey (with her arm around Kimi): Great, let's have fun.

Amelia (looks at Lady J): Can we stay here tonight?

Lady J: Of course.

Xia (on Kimi's back): Great, sleepover.

Rey: When are you going to stop playing with me?

Xia (smiles): When it stops being fun.

Rey: That's harsh

Charlie (looking at Kimi): So, you want to enjoy a smoothie together?

Xia, Rika, and Amelia: Ooh!

Kimi: I would love to.

(The episode ends with Kimi being hugged by everybody in the kitchen)


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