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Hello, there it's been a little while since I've written about anything that's because I have been just staying home watching tv and only leaving the house if I absolutely need to. While I have been watching a lot of TV shows lately I find that I am missing live sports more and more. Sports have always been important in my life. I grew up as a New York sports fan. I am a fan of the New York Mets, New York Jets, New York Knicks and the New Jersey Devils. I have been a fan of those teams for a long time. And it's been a long time since any of them have won a championship. The Devils being the last in 2003. On this particular Saturday is that it's cold and I don't really feel like going out (my dog has other ideas) I want to focus on the Mets and the Knicks Sny the Mets network has been showing all five games in the 1969 World Series and today I watched Jerry Koosman pitch the Mets to the victory and series win. When Cleon caught that ball for the last out I remember watching that on tv as a 9-year-old fourth-grader and how excited I was. Back then they played the World Series games in the afternoon and it's crazy how for a few years in a row around that time of year that I always seemed to be sick for a couple of days. Between 1968 and 1971 lol anyway when I watched it today it brought back great memories. And later the same day I watched the Knicks best the lakers again in that 7th game of the 1970 NBA finals MSG network replayed the game last night as it was the 50th anniversary of that first Knicks championship May 8, 1970. I watched that today as well. I remember how much I enjoyed watching that team Willis Reed(probably my all-time favorite player with Patrick Ewing a close second) Dave Debussure Walt Frazier Bill Bradley( who I was always very happy to vote for even for President) and Dick Barnett who had the funniest jump shot I had ever seen. But the way they played defense and put the team first ahead of the individual always impressed me. The team they beat for that championship had 3 of the greatest players ever Jerry West the NBA logo. Elgin Baylor and Wilt Chamberlain a man that once scored 100 points himself in a game against the knicks of course lol. The team the Mets best. The Baltimore Orioles had some great players on that team as well. Several halls of fame players led by the great Frank Robinson who was the first man to be the league MVP in both leagues. Watching both these games and the memories they brought back gave me a great deal of comfort during this stay at the home necessity of life these days. I hope the networks keep providing great programming like this for the duration of the pandemic as mental health is as important as physical health. Well that's it for now everyone stay home stay safe and healthy and remember we are all in this together 


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