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How fragile we can be in life ... 
Just a heartbeat keeps us alive.  
The difference between life-
Here and beyond.  

No matter how gullible we may be, 
Only hope remains intact 
In the last corner of our thoughts, 
Enlightening our sticky minds.  

How easily we let ourselves be manipulated,
 By newspapers and television
 Running on the same channels by many years,
 Blinding us in front of the real troubles.   

How easy it is to let our souls 
Undress in front of those 
Who just need a perfect body
 Without using the clothes. 

 How easily we think we can find love
 In anyone we meet,
 And how quickly we hurt 
The person we think we can't fit
 Into a relationship with.  

How much we look for things we can't find
 And how small we look,
When someone looks down 
Blowing our thoughts.


  • May 09, 2020

  • May 09, 2020

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