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(The episode starts with me at the store seeing the duel disk and looks at it with a big smile on my face)

A voice: Do you really love Yugioh that much?

Me (turned around with a smile): Of course, Aunt Cilia.

(The screen shows Aunt Cilia has to have long black hair, a light blue dress and blue heels, looking like she is twenty)

Aunt Cilia: Then, I'll lend you the money.

Me (hugging Aunt Cilia): Great.

(The screen shows us entered the store)

(The screen switches to a worker: who has blonde hair, a button that says 'Jake', wearing  a white shirt, blue pants, and white shoes gives me the Duel disk)

(I jump with excitement, then spins around the store, and disappears away)

Aunt Cilia (looks at the jewelry store, and smiles): Is this?

(The screen shows me spinning around the store and entering the dvd section, then I stopped and saw yugioh movies and dvds of yugioh seasons. I looked at the dvd of seasons and smiled, then I grabbed a dvd and smiled. The camera doesn't show what the dvd has the front or back cover)

(A hand is shown to be on my shoulder, so I turn around and see Aunt Cilia holding the necklace that looks similar to the millennium puzzle that has a chain holding the puzzle. I smile)

(Aunt Cilia put the necklace around my neck)

Aunt Cilia (looking at me): You like it?

Me (smiles): Yes.

Aunt Cilia (smiles): I'm glad.

Me (thought) (looks at the necklace): I can't wait to enter this show.

(The screen switches to me and Aunt Cilia entering a house through the door with me entering the door first) 

(I ran into the living room, while Aunt Cilia following me, then I turned the TV by pushing the red button and Aunt Cilia sit on a chair which is five foot away from the TV)

Me (in front  of the TV, looking at Aunt Cilia): Are you ready for the thrilling adventure of anime a.k.a. Yugioh duel monsters?

Aunt Cilia (with a fake serious face): I'm ready.

Me: Great.

(I put the dvd in Aunt Cilia's dvd player, and sits beside Aunt Cilia by free feet since there was a space between it)

(The TV shows 4kidstv on the screen, that's when my watch starts glowing, which brings a smile on my face, then my eyes widened as Aunt Cilia looking at me shocked)

Me (thought): My aunt will get sucked in the show too 

(The screen shows Aunt Cilia unaffected at first, then she try to grab my hand, as I realized I'm being pulled into the TV with white ghost hands)

(We fell through a portal and I realized the portal led to Domino city, so I hit my watch making white angel wings appear, then I caught Aunt Cilia)

Aunt Cilia (scared) (with her eyes looking around): What? What's going on? Why do you have wings? Where are we?

Me: First, we are in Domino City a.k.a. the home of Yugi Moto. Second, my watch took us into the anime I put inside that dvd player. Third, my watch gives me powers in this world.

Aunt Cilia (pretending to be calm) Oh, is that all? (Takes a deep breath) Can you bring us down or me specifically and give the whole explanation?

Me (shrug my shoulders): Sure.

(I flew down, and put Aunt Cilia down easily)

Aunt Cilia(looks at me) (grabbed my shirt): Why didn't you tell me about my watch? And why would you turn on the TV knowing this would happen? Last, where did you get this watch?

Me: I found the watch by mistake, I tried to find who it belonged to, but no look so I brought it home and it put me into my first anime. I didn't mean to bring you here, I just got caught up in the moment.

(Aunt Cilia let's go of me)

Aunt Cilia: I'm sorry.

Me: It's okay

Yugi (not shown on screen): Is that Kanisha?

Me (turned around to see Yugi and his friends): Yugi.

Tea: How about that?

(I ran to Yugi and hugged him)

Triston (points to Aunt Cilia): Who's that?

Me (looks at Aunt Cilia): Oh! That's my aunt (waves at her) Come on!

Aunt Cilia: (runs to me)  My name is Cilia, you can call Ms. Cilia.

Tea (with her hand out): Nice to meet you, I'm Tea.

Triston (with his thumbs up): I'm Triston.

Joey: I'm Joey

Yugi: I'm Yugi

Aunt Cilia (gives a nervous smile): Nice to meet you all.

Tea (looks at my wings): What's up with these?

Me: We almost fell to our death, so I had to use my wings (wings disappear) but forget about me what about you. What's new?

Yugi (reaches into his pocket): A new card has been introduced (shows a card that has a woman who has pink hair in a ponytail, wearing sunglasses, pink dress, with fairy wings and pink heels on it)

Me (surprised, while looking at the card) (thought): Wait, this card was never introduced

(The screen shows a bolt of lightning blast me and I fainted)

Yugi: Kanisha! Are you okay?

Aunt Cilia (shocked): What happened?

Joey (looks at the sky): Look up!

Aunt Cilia (sees the summoning skull): What is that? 

Yugi: The summoning skull! It's real.

Triston (pointing to the sky): Uh guys, that's not the only thing that's real.

(The screen shows Acrobatic Magician, Dark Scorpion, Flower Cardian, and Gravekeeper passing by)

Tea: Whoa!

The Pharaoh (beside Yugi): It's all kinds of dark type of duel monsters.

Aunt Cilia: Is it bad?

Yugi: I don't know.

(The screen switches to me waking up and sees a woman who has long brown hair, wearing a purple trench coat, white dress and purple shoes)

Me: You! What did you do?

A woman: It wasn't me, I'm not setting up a test for you, in fact somebody is causing trouble and you must protect the Pharaoh/Yugi otherwise you and Aunt Cilia won't be able to leave. Also, my power is weakened, so I can only give you a special set of cards. 

Me: That'll be enough

(A hand grabs the woman)

Me: What's going on?

The woman (being dragged into the darkness): It's up to you.

(The screen shows me falling into a light)

(My body levitates in the air and has glowing cards around her with Yugi, Triston, Aunt Cilia, Tea and Joey looking shocked)

Tea: Where did those cards come from?

(The episode ends with me landing in Yugi's arms)


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