While Her Hand Read Count : 20

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While her hand kissed my hair for the last time,
She asked me obsessively about what I wanted
to say.
But I could never tell her,
About how bad I felt in those raining days...

How could I tell her,
That I felt like I was going to lose her forever
In the sea of ​​different minds,
Just because I have always a different opinion?

  I will never be able to bring her back,
Because she will seek after the things I lack.

While she was reading to me from an old book,
I could feel her quick pulse in her voice.
As if she wanted to resume the whole book
In just a few insignificant words.

I felt that her place did not belong next to my arm,
And she had known this for a long time.
Her touch was wild for my skin,
While the kisses froze my entire soul.

Always on the run,
Always on the wrong side of my emotions.
While she wanted to tell me what I already knew,
it's crazy how she wanted to turn my love
Into a simple friendship.


  • May 09, 2020

  • May 09, 2020

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