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I write again, gathering the piece of paper
Left on the table with my thoughts. 
I am writing again although yesterday
I wrote the last words.

But today it already seems like an eternity.
  I write, because only through what I write,
Can I release the thoughts I have kept
Throughout my loneliness nights.

  I write again, through the tears I want to shed.
I write again because I want to listen to myself.
  I write about words I can't say,
About all my emotions I can't live sometimes.

I write because it's easier for me than to speak,
To use words that are easily lost
In the background of my dramas.

I write because I don't know where to go,
I write because I have to live before being dead.


  • May 08, 2020

  • Love this!💜

    May 09, 2020

  • Good one!

    May 09, 2020

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