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My name is Kalanzi Laurence, I was born in Mutanzige Clinic and after my birth I grew up from  Kafuuma Village 
far in Eastern Uganda, after 2 years my parents died in a motal accident, I survived the accident and I went to my grand mother's place. She was a pendant on Tiana's houses who was a mother of a boy named Roman.

We started to be good friends of Roman and we were in the same class we started trusting each other but one day Roman was taken in a boarding school of Sir Apollo Kagwa Primary school and I was studying in a gorvernment school called Bug anda Road. But each day  I would see my friend going to a boarding school I felt so bad that even I couldn't carry for him his case because he felt bad for his friend leaving him but when ever his friend came back he was very happy to see him . After 10 years Kalanzi was one of the richest guys in the world because he struggled and he achieved the best, so don't loss hope whatever U face. 


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