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"There you are, minhoe" you said."ey so rudeeeee"he reply.You chuckle."before we go practice,Lets meet my brother.He is one of the popular assasin." I said."Welcome to My house,Lee Minho" Someone said from upstairs."Hwang Renjun!" He is shookth."How is Renjun your brother,Y/n?" He ask."Actually my name was Hwang Y/n, Not Song Y/n.And we were Chinese not Korean" you said.He is so shook that he cant even move."You okay?" You ask him while laughing."You said you were hungry right?" "Yea i am so hungry right now""You can take the snacks first while i go and change my clothes" you said pointing the snacks at the kitchen table.He nodded and then ask."Why you need to change?The clothes you are wearing is beautiful " "You said this pajamas is beautiful? Imma wear my assasin oufit" i said and head upstairs.(10 minutes later)"what taking you so longgggg" he ask ."Hey this suit is hard to wear okay " i said and head downstairs."Y/n im still hungryyyy" he whined."I am too, so lets go" i said and take my motorbike key."uuuuuuuu i dont know you can drive" " you know nothing" you said.You rode your bike with Minho hugging you from back.You arrived and He shookth cuz the house is so big."Is this where we will train?" He ask and i nodded."That is my office, And that is My brother.Put your stuff at the shelf and lets begin." I said.We put our stuff and begin.(30 minutes later) "Y/n how did you take your gun and excess it in 3 seconds?" He ask."Oh i-" he shut my mouth and then said."I dont want you to help me, i want Felix to handle this cuz he is expert in gun" I take my phone and Text him.


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