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(The episode opens up with Kanisha doing gymnastics tricks on buildings)

Kanisha (while doing gymnastics, thought): Hello, today I'm with my imaginary friends practicing my powers

(The screen shows Sciencia, a girl who long brown hair, brown skin, wearing a white dress, test tube hat, a belt with test tubes around her belt, and white heels with test tubes on it holding a clipboard)

Kanisa (looking at Sciencia): Sciencia, what did you think of that?

Sciencia: Good, but a bit wobbly, try to stay balanced, again”. Said Sciencia.

Kanisha: Okay.

(Kanisha does gymnastics again from building to building, and looking more balanced)

Kanisha (while dancing): Awesome, thanks.

(The screen shows Kisa, a girl who has long blonde hair, white skin, wearing a pink party dress and pink heels by Dumbra, a girl who has long black hair, brown skin, wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes)

 Kisa (sees Tiesha flying with Cammy beside her riding a hoverboard): Great, hey here comes your friend, bye girl (teleports away)

Cammy: Wait, don't leave, I wanted to ask you something.

(The screen switches to Cammy, Kanisha and Tiesha drinking outside, under an umbrella attached to a table)

Kanisha: I'm so glad, my imaginary friends came to life, because it's the best thing to happen to me.

Cammy: I wish I could have had imaginary friends, my parents think imagination is for the weak and foolish. No offense.

Kanisha (smiles): None taken 

Dumbra: So, now that we have that established, what do you want to ask us?

Cammy: What I don't understand is what was your role as imaginary friends.

Sciencia: Easy, we are here to help shy girls like her become more social, and help her in any way, like friends, I’m the scientist (shakes her hand)

Dumbra: I’m like you except I'm an alien warrior princess from Planet Neptune. (shakes Aaliyah's hand)

Aaliyah: Really, but why the human disguise.

Dumbra: I like this form better, plus my original  form, isn't normal here.

Tiesha (looking at Kisa): Understood, what are you?

(Kisa is wearing a white dress with a giant picture of a camera on it)

Kisa: I’m a fashion designer and here to help Kanisha update with what's hot and what's not.

Kanisha: (gets up):Hold on, the meet and greet (her tail is shaking) I feel a strange vibration coming from South Grand (runs)  we better go.

Tiesha (looks at Kisa, Sciencia, and Dumbra): Alright, you're coming.

Kisa: Are you kidding? We never let her leave our site except on Tuesdays, we have work.

(The screen shows a McDonalds by Subway, a woman with electric hair and a metallic outfit is using a laser gun on the signs, while stealing a happy meal, and cookies)

(The screen shows Zoe,a short pink-haired girl wearing regular clothes with a lab coat and Joe, a white-haired man wearing a regular clothes with a lab coat, looking at the cameras in a lab)

Joe: Yes, our experiment is working well, wait my sensor is picking up a strong amount of radioactivity flying this way.

Zoe: Joe, this is no time for your jokes, like last week, you were rescued by Wonder Woman.

Joe (pointing to the third camera): No, look see, the radiation is off the trail.

Zoe: Oh, it’s impossible, it’s a teenager, (talking in a microphone) electrictress, stay away from her, we’re going to check this out.

The robot woman: understood, Zoe.

Zoe: Come on, I’ll scan her to see what her powers are, you get the helicopter to take a picture to see if we can identify her.

(Joe and Zoe are under a teleportation machine and get zapped by a giant laser)

Zoe (while scanning Kanisha is busy chasing a robot): Perfect, wow.

Joe (as he takes a picture of  Kanisha by a destroyed robot): Smile for the camera (looks at the picture) wow

(Joe and Zoe teleport back to the lab)

Zoe (analyzing the radiation from her computer): It's incredible the scanner says that this girl has powers beyond any of your superheroes or heroines.

Joe (smiling, looking  at the computer): No way, this may be our greatest discovery ever.

Joe (showing Zoe, a picture of Kanisha and list of Kanisha's information): OK so I scanned the photo and I found a match, it belongs to a girl named Kanisha, she lives in Springflower, she's in 6th grade, and she’s just an ordinary girl.

Zoe: Which means she must’ve been hit by a sum special bound of radiation.

Joe (jumping up, then puts on a serious face): Awesome, we may have discovered a new superhero, the question remains is she a dc hero or a marvel.

Zoe: Joe, focus, we’re scientists, not super helpers or TV producers.

(The screen shows in space, where The Justice League was in their spaceship, when John saw footage of Kanisha. Then switches to Flash, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Hawkgirl) 

Flash: What's up, John?

John: I have picked up a strong amount of radioactivity and it seems to be a new superheroine.

Batman (looks at the profile): She is located in Illinois, Springflower.

Green lantern: We’re going to have to fly there.

Wonder Woman: Yes, but what do we do when we find this girl?

Superman: We need to convince her to come with us, with her powers, many enemies could use this to their advantage.

Flash: Alright, then let’s go.

(Back on earth, Kanisha is eating a burger, with Tiesha, Cammy, Sciencia, Dumbra, and Kisa waiting outside, when they see Zoe and Joe appear, just as Superman appears)

Superman: Excuse me, have you seen the one known as Kanisha?

Kisa: Oh my gosh, it's Superman!

Dumbra: Crazy.

Sciencia: Seems like other heroes want to find Kanisha.

Dumbra: You won't harm her

Superman: Of course not.

Cammy (points into the McDonald's): She's in there.

Superman: Thank you (walks inside)

Kisa: Shouldn't he disguise himself.

Sciencia: No time

(Inside, Kanisha is giving change to an employee)

Kanisha: Ah, thanks for the delicious meal (sees Superman) Oh my gosh, you’re, you’re.. you’re..

Superman: Yes, I’m Superman, and I must talk about coming with the justice league.

(Kanisha sees Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, John, Green Lantern, and Hawkgirl outside)

Kanisha (runs outside): No way, the Justice League.

Kanisha (observing the heroes): This is the awesome thing that has ever happened to me, let me tell i’m a huge fan of all of you, and also I know why you’re here, I can read minds.

Hawkgirl: Then, I guess this was an easy mission.

Joe (shocked): Are you seeing what i’m seeing?

Zoe: Yes and, I guess you were right, she is a dc heroine.

Joe (while dancing): Yes.

(Joe stopped dancing, when he saw a giant bright light, which was a laser, but it didn't hit anybody)

Kanisha (with red eyes): Seems like we have company

(The screen shows a man where one side is made of rock, and the other side is made of lava, then he tries to attack Flash, but he misses)

Superman: Let’s go justice league (looks at Kanisha) you too

Kanisha: Really, let’s do this

(The man splits up into 8)

(Hawkgirl hits it with her weapon, Superman uses his ice breath, flash circles it, John uses his shadow skills, Wonder Woman throws it which weakened it, Batman uses his ice bats, Green lantern uses his ring power, Tiesha uses her magic, Tiesha uses her umbrella, and Kanisha uses her tail as many different  weapons, it touched her and she turns into lava)

(After the lava gets off Kanisha, she is revealed to have a red shirt, orange pants, orange metallic wings, blue utility belt, and purple boots)

Kanisha (seeing her new transformation): Cool, hi yah, now I have a super outfit.

(Kanisha karate kicks the lava monster, and freezes it, then a light bulb appears above her head)

Kanisha: Hey, lava creeps, so you think you're tough, yeah not anymore.

(The lava man run to Kanisha, using her lava hair weakening the rock side of his body, then the rest of the justice league helps, and the lava creature is captured in a force field)

(Sciencia teleports the lava man with a laser)

Dumbra (rubs Kanisha's hair): Good job, Kanisha.

Kanisha: I can’t believe this,what a rush, so when we leave (looks at Dumbra) Thanks

Tiesha: Wait, how long will you be in space.

Kanisha: Not long, I'll be back, I mean I can't abandon my friends 

Tiesha: You better remember that (punches Kanisha on her shoulder)

Kanisha (wicks): Got it (turns to Flash) I'm ready.

Green Lantern: But, your stuff.

(Kanisha snaps her finger and makes a zebra-striped bag appear)

Green lantern: Nevermind.

Kanisha (looks at Cammy and Tiesha): Don't have too much fun without me.

Cammy: You know, we won't

Dumbra: We'll be taking care of you.

Tiesha (looking at Dumbra, surprised): Really?

Sciencia: Kanisha, stay in good health

Kanisha (gives a thumbs up): Got it.

Kisa (hugs Kanisha): Well, miss you (kisses Kanisha on the forehead)

(The screen shows Kanisha with lipstick marks on her face)

Kanisha: See ya (runs to the Justice League)

(The episode ends with Kanisha flying away with the Justice league except Flash, who superspeeds away)


  • May 08, 2020

  • May 08, 2020

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