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“Where is my life leading me?” 
“Do I make a difference to anyone or anything?” 
“Is there a place for me?”
“When will I grow up?”
“Why am I still so dissatisfied with myself when I have come so far from where I have been?”
Who am I, really, minus all the superficial trappings of description, occupation, or attitudes?”

Like, seriously, WHO is Carl Shuck...???

In all honesty I am still struggling to find answers for these. It is as if I am caught in a never-ending loop that curves around these issues in my life but always comes back around and around in one continuous circle. Yet, despite my questions of heart, I cannot help but look around me with wonder and appreciation for all the things happening in my life, but then another question pops up.... “Is it enough...?” 

I find myself adjusting my vision once again, and another question pops up.... “What am I really looking at?” 

Ultimately, I know what I want because I can envision it so clearly in my mind. However, the picture that presented itself was not the picture I expected to see. 

In the past I have allowed some things to cloud my vision to the point where I was blinded by everything else. The situation was kind of like a story I once heard about a man who was obsessed by what he fed into his life. He became so consumed by his obsessions that he had no room for anything else. 

I do not want to be like that. 

I am now at a stage of my life where I am mature enough to realize that I am shaped by what I feed into my heart. With that growth, I have now freed myself from the bondage of all my previous hang-ups for deeper, more pressing concerns that I know will eventually lead me into being a higher version of my self.

The Bible says; “Without vision my people perish”. 
Where my heart is focused, that is the direction I should go in life - that's what my logic says. 
So, what should I do to tie the two?
The answer was clear. I needed to look deep within. 

Previously, I was hungry to have a woman in my life. I was desperate to belong and I was starving to have a whole lot of cash. That was where my head was at. Looking back at it now, I can see that the focus I had back then was leading me down a road that I had no control over; I was blindly groping around in my ignorance. I realize now that my vision was shallow and superficial. 

It is a blessing to be moved by the things I see for it is my vision that guides and directs me. However, it is not enough to merely have a vision, right? I see things, but what is my vision focused on? What is the target of my observations? These are some of the questions that have been eating at me for so long. For so many years I was focused on my obsessions but today I know there is so much more beneath the surface I had let slip past me.

Realistically speaking I do not expect my path to not run into situations that trouble, discourage, or confuse me utterly, but I am now looking through a clearer lens and I am driven to make changes in my life. This whole concept is the beginning of an entirely new adventure for me. For starters, I find myself releasing the pattern of my past vision as a means of growth to align with my present vision of beliefs, relationships, and habits which I am confident will serve my fullest purpose of existence. This awareness is a huge awakening for me because with it I am sure it will steer me from my past.  

Right now, I am basking in the glow of this enlightenment, receiving from it the sustenance I need to move forward with grace in all my present moments. I am ready to release all that is not mine to carry, think or live because I now see my path illuminating before me, and I am taking brave steps into the next phase of my life. 

In all of these changes I am fully trusting my heart, intuition, and soul's call to guide me and with that I call to my compassionate heart to forgive myself for the ways in which I judged myself harshly. 

Such is how the circle of life turns in so many unpredictable and unexpected ways, but you know what? I am at peace because I know now that I am perfect in all my imperfections. Moving forward I will continue to harvest my dream seeds because I am the creator of my own destiny and the priest of my soul's path.

I am ready!

But my question now… 

…. is the world ready for the new me?


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  • well done sir.

    May 15, 2020

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