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You know, i wish i could go back to the days of my childhood,
Oh the good old days,days when no one cared about your tribe or gender or race.
The days when the only gossip you'd hear about you was of you peeing on yourself while you slept in class,
Oh beautiful beautiful old days.

Everyone thinks I'm the weird quiet girl who sits in front of the lecture hall and exists immediately the lecture is done,but it's okay if they don't know my truth.
The truth that has taught me the hard way what those swahili men meant when they said,"rafiki yako ndiye adui yako".
And now I know you want me to tell you for the tenth time dear diary the story of my friend Amanda.
Amanda,the one I made my diary back in highschool when I hadn't landed my hands on you in that small supermarket at the end of the street. And that sad day when I found Amanda and her four girlfriends laughing at the school's hermaphrodite.
Yes diary,she told them about that secret I held so long in my heart,
She told them about what made cry every night for 15 years,
She made my difference from them a disability.
She told my story for me,yet that is a story that me alone should tell and will tell maybe not now but later I will.

But you know dear diary,the only good thing about you is that you can't talk otherwise the world would have known.
And even if I died right now, someone would stumble upon you and read you,and you wouldn't have protected my secret either.

But maybe,just maybe, i could destroy you.
Dear diary,


  • May 08, 2020

  • May 08, 2020

  • Laura Mcharo

    Laura Mcharo

    thank you guys💜

    May 08, 2020

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