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There she was.
My damsel in distress
I followed her here
No no I'm not scared,social distancing forced me to☺
Maybe it's true I'm a little scared she might not see that I actually want her to be more than a friend and instantly friend zone me

I've never really asked a girl out.
They kept calling me a book worm back then
And it's fine you know?

Oh and there was this one time,the called me gay
I couldn't believe it either

Now back to my Cinderella.
She's taking coffee at my mother's cafe!!!
God is this the sign i needed?

Or maybe the time is not yet ripe?

Truth is all this while, well I kept to myself because sometimes having to balance between being a believer and being just another human being is really hard.

Well please don't quote me wrong,
I don't mean that since you are a believer you can't shoot your shot and get that girl and date her
See the problem comes in when in the relationship the flesh asks for more than the heart wants to offer.
You get me,right?

Then I'd have to struggle with whether or not I'm willing to drop my beliefs for a girl or maybe if I talked her into keeping it till marriage she'd listen

Oh she'd probably think I'm also gay like the others cause which guy does that??

See maybe if I approach her and tell her I'm a Christian and I am not giving myself to her because I love my Creator more than His creatures she'd be disgusted and walk out on me
Or maybe she wouldn't

I guess,one way to find out?


  • May 08, 2020

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